Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rocking the Red

It's playoff time in the NHL and the big question is...who knew hockey was so fashionable? Well, if you didn't, you do now. The first clue to this is every radio broadcast will usually always include three key components: who's on the ice, what direction the teams are skating from (left to right on your dial or vice versa) and what color sweaters they are wearing. Yes, sweaters. Not jerseys. With different designs and color schemes for home and away games, as well as that lucky third jersey introduced by the Canadiens in 1946 (bonjour Montreal!), this manliest of sports is also the most stylish.

So when I attended a Washington Capitals game a few weeks ago at the Verizon Center, I had a slight panic attack about what I was going to wear. Because you have to Rock the Red, and the simple truth is....I don't wear red. Like ever. Why did they have to change from the teal, gold and white uniforms of yore? I wear lots of teal! Anyhoo, after a frantic firestorm of tossing t-shirts, tank tops and sweaters about until I finally unearthed a decent enough outfit, I felt fairly confident that I could pass myself off as a true Caps fan. Or at least a person who knew enough to wear the right color.

This afternoon the Eastern Conference champs have a chance to clinch their first round series against the NY Rangers. I guess it's time to start looking for that red scarf I have somewhere so I can pretend I'm at the ice rink. Get ready to unleash the (fashionable) Fury fellow Caps fans!


Suzi said...

I attended my 1st Caps (and 1st pro hockey, well, 1st any kind of hockey) game this year! I have a friend who's nephew is the digital media coordinator for the caps - Alex Ball and he is from Winchester. We had an awesome time that could have only been made better if the Caps had won that game...oh, well...still had a lot of fun!

Meg said...

glad you had fun! Next time take me with you (just kidding):-) Nothing quite like a live hockey game....

Charles said...

When we used to live and work up that way we would always make sure to eat at the Chop House. Sometimes on good nights we could catch the players stop in after the game. Good times.

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