Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To The Max...

Grecian Alice+Olivia

Striped Tank Maxi

Tibi Buttondown

Embroidered Halter Neck

Free People Bandana Dress

We're getting to that point in the weather where it's either super hot or a little chilly, causing us to pause when picking out an outfit. Enter: the maxi dress. Light enough to be comfortable in warmer weather, yet long enough to keep legs covered when it's a bit breezy. Here are a few I'm currently coveting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lifting the Bar

March Madness has been gone for nearly a month now, but college basketball crazy is still continuing.

Last week, Wisconsin men's head basketball coach Bo Ryan came under fire for instituting blocks on redshirt freshman Jarrod Uthoff's decision to transfer. Ryan barred Uthoff from transferring to any Big Ten and ACC squad, as well as several other schools that were on the Badger's schedule.

Coach Ryan's actions incited polarizing reactions from the media. A Bleacher Report headline read "Bo Ryan Has Done Nothing Wrong", while a columnist from that same site stated that the Wisconsin coach should "be vilified for restricting transfer options." about your mixed messages!

What do you mean I can't ban him from playing ball forever and ever???
Coach Ryan, backed by the Wisconsin athletic department, explained his initial reaction as a foray into uncharted waters. Under his tenure, the coach has only had one other transfer. The advice he sought from colleagues on dealing with the matter seemed to point him toward the direction of banning contact with the above mentioned schools.

However, most media pundits saw this as a move that was neither justified nor ethical. They criticized Ryan's statement that signing a scholarship equated to signing a contract as ridiculous. Sports columnist Ryan Rudnansky stated that any restrictions outside of conference become "excessive and borders on the lines of simply being vindictive."

To an extent, I have to agree with Rudnansky. Blocking transfers to an in-conference school is commonplace. Frankly...any school in Division 1 would be fair game for barring as defined by Coach Ryan's initial reasoning, as you never know who you might meet up with in post-season play. And I think we can all agree that's just ludicrous.

But do I think it borders on being vindictive? No, not necessarily. I think Ryan was just misguided in a situation to which he was unfamiliar. Making a bad judgement doesn't make one a bad person.

After the initial heat wave, Ryan and Co. backed off the transfer restrictions (outside of the Big 10). But not before the Wisconsin coach found himself the topic of every sports show in America, including a not-so-flattering debate on ESPN's The Mike and Mike Show.

Which just goes to show...the more gray area the NCAA stays in, the harder it is for those involved to make well-founded decisions. A coach who has always been known for having a clean program will have a black mark on his reputation forever.

And that, my friends, is the real shame in the matter.

So, what do you think about the matter? Was Coach Ryan right in his initial reasoning, or are you glad he backed off his strict transfer policy? Let me know!

Image provided by thesportsbank.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Turning the big O-N-E!

It's my birthday ya'll! Or rather, my blog's birthday. And I totes LUV birthdays!

It's hard to believe that on Sunday, April 22nd, it will be precisely one Earth's trip around the Sun, one calendar year, one 366 day span of time (of COURSE I had to start on a leap year) that I've been pith-ily bringing you the what's what in sports.

So to celebrate, I thought I'd highlight some of the milestones and popular posts. Because...just this once...everyone should get a present on my birthday.


My first attempt at blogging was kind of a disaster, but I think I began to find my voice with my third post, where I waxed poetic about the poor Baltimore Orioles.

A month into my blog, I realized that researching topics three times a week was tiresome and waaaayyyy too much work. Thus was the birth of the Friday Fun post, the catalyst being my post about working in minor league baseball.

As part of my Friday fun posts, I decided to join my love of sports with my love of fashion and critique the ever-controversial topic of college football uniforms. When that proved popular, I followed it up with a sequel. Because, as we've learned from Hollywood, if it's successful, you MUST make a sequel.

One of my favorite posts was writing about my sports-o-nista roots, a highlight of how my mother has shaped my love and passion for the topic. I also was blessed enough to write a guest post for Kristin on What She Said about that same passion as it applies to college football, though I don't think I managed to convince her or her large Virginia readership that WVU is far superior to VT.

When a family member questioned my dedication to bringing readers info on a variety of sports, I tried my hand at writing on topics other than just the standard football/basketball/baseball/hockey. I took on NASCAR, slope-Style skiing, and even rugby.

But, by far, the most excited I've ever seen my readers is when I brought you my list of favorite sports movies. And yes, I still stand by my opinion that Ice Castles is the GREATEST sports movie ever made. Ever.

I hope you've enjoyed the trip down memory lane as much as I have. Since...let's be real....the post when I don't have to really write anything is the bestest of all.

Thanks for tuning in and sticking with me....whether it be once, twice, or a whole year. I really appreciate it. Smooches!

PS...please feel free to send presents. No....seriously.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the Garden

This warm weather is perfect for showing off bright it silk tops, peep toe shoes, or a fabulous nail shade. 

top- TJMaxx (similar) / cropped pants- H&M / color block peep toes- Nine West (similar) / silver pendant necklace- Silpada / earrings- Sugar Magnolia / sunnies- Fossil / bag- H&M (similar) / watch- Nine West/ bracelet- Ann Taylor Loft (similar) /  nail polish- Wet and Wild Club Havana

Images provided by Charming and Quaint Events.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clearing Off the Ice

It's play off time in the NHL, and no one was more shocked than me that the Capitals made it in. What's more, Washington is actually even with the #2 seed and reigning cup winners Boston.*

Update: The Caps lost a heart breaker last night, giving the Bruins a 2-1 advantage.

But the two big stories that have come out of the first round's opening round are 1) the Pittsburgh Penguins are on the verge of being humiliatingly eliminated in four games and 2) the sport's already- pronounced love of fighting and violence has stepped it up ten notches.

Poor Penguins. They get superstar Sidney Crosby back only to be invariably thrashed by cross-state rival Philly Flyers in the first three games. What's worse...the Flyers have come from behind in each contest.

Trust me Pittsburgh fans, I know how that goes. See above update.

What's not shocking about the series is the...shall we say...intensity it has brought out. Sunday's game three saw even usually mild-mannered Crosby and Philly's Claude Giroux mixing it up. In fact, there have been seemingly more fights than goals through the first three games, and there have been 32 goals scored.

While this is a bitter and heated rivalry, the over-the-top fighting phenomenon has quickly become the trademark of the 2012 playoffs. I caught the third period of the Caps/Bruins game last evening and witnessed no fewer than four fights, one of which came after the game had ended. Center Nicklas Backstrom's cross-check to Rich Peverly's face as the buzzer sounded could land the star Caps player a seat on the suspended bench.

At least he'll be in good company. Penguins forward Craig Adams has been suspended for one game following that last Pens/Flyers game, Ottawa forward Zenon Konopka was fined for verbal abuse toward a Rangers player trying to conduct an interview, Ottawa defenseman Matt Carkner was suspended one game for going after Rangers center Brian Boyle, Rangers forward Carl Hagelin was suspended three games for throwing an elbow, and countless others have scrapped and brawled, resulting in broken noses and bashed heads .

True, it's a nasty sport, but fighting majors were actually down 25% this year until playoff time rolled around. Whether it's a instinctual desire to win at all costs, a blatant attitude of disrespect toward fellow players, or just a ploy to garner viewership, the name of this playoff game has been open season for goonery and thuggery.
Bash Brothers, Anyone?

But whatever it is, it's sure to keep me tuned in to the ending of an otherwise blah NHL season. And that, my friends, is all that matters.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Odds Probably Aren't In Your Favor: Part 2

Last Friday the tributes from the six districts were introduced to you. This week is the fun part where we (I) kill them off. 
Again, only hypothetically. Please don't sue me. I'm too pretty for prison. 


With a blast from a starter pistol, the 2 millionth games of hunger have officially begun.

Before anyone can blink, Usain Bolt has grabbed all of the food and is three miles into the woods.

The rest of the tributes leave their podiums. Tom Brady (who can't walk very fast in his Uggs),  Lindsey Vonn, and Kobe Bryant (who has caught sight of his own reflection in a knife blade) are all quickly eliminated during the skirmish.

Diana Taurasi asks Cris "Cyborg" Santos directions to the lake. "Cyborg" thinks she's too much like a reporter and puts her in a choke hold.

Diana Taurasi is eliminated.

Day one ends. A Nike Swoosh lights up the sky to signal those that were lost in battle.

Day Two.

Michael Phelps and Allyson Felix run into each other. Felix uses her Olympic Gold Medal as a sling shot put and whacks Phelps in the head.

Michael Phelps is eliminated.

Nastia Liukin receives a gift from her Russian family members of fur, salmon and vodka. 

Allyson Felix, still euphorically taking a victory jog for her Michael Phelps kill, falls of a cliff.

Allyson Felix is eliminated.

Day Three.

Usain Bolt has now lapped the arena 20 times. 

Serena Williams receives a gift from Nabisco and a good luck tennis racket from the Manning Brothers.

Day Four.

Mike Tyson comes across Nastia Liukin's stash and steals it. 

Day Five.

Now hungry and really, really cold (cause you know, she's super little), Nastia Liukin develops low blood sugar, slips into a coma, and freezes.

Nastia Liukin is eliminated.

Day Six.

Cris "Cyborg" Santos spots Serena Williams and is about to MMA her into oblivion when Alex Honnold jumps off a cliff to stop her. She breaks him in two, but Serena gets away. 

Alex Honnold is eliminated.

Day 7.

Day 8.

Day 9.

Day 10.

"Cyborg" turns on fellow District 5 member Mike Tyson and challenges him to a battle. Tyson wins, and karma is a bitch.

Cris "Cyborg" Santos is eliminated.

Day 11.

Usain Bolt is finally tired out and decides to take a nap. Mike Tyson bites his feet off. Usain Bolt is, sadly, eliminated.

Day 12. 

Serena Williams and Mike Tyson decide that they are tired of being pawns in this crazy game and go on strike. A tribune of NFL, NBA and NHL owners send a pack of rabid lawyer muttations after them.

Serena and Mike climb on top of the cornucopia as the lawyer muttations gather around them. Serena asks Mike if he wants to make a pact to take poisonous berries so they both can win. Mike agrees. At the last second, Serena whips out a racket and backhands Tyson down into the lawyer pit. 

Mike Tyson is eliminated.

Serena Williams has won the 2 millionth games of hunger, thanks to the aid of Nabisco, the Manning brothers, and an awesome tennis swing.

The end.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Colored Blazer

Colored Blazer

One of spring's must have staples is a blazer, preferably in a bright color. These statement pieces are both practical (wacky weather, anyone?) and easily wearable for all occasions!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


With the MLB opening weekend solidly in the books, it's safe to say that things are looking verrrrryyyy interesting.

You know, if the season ended like.....tomorrow. 

There are some surprise basement dwellers: 2010 World Series Champs SF Giants are sitting at 0-3, while perennial powerhouses NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox were both swept by Tampa Bay and Detroit, respectively.

And at, or near, the top? The Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and yes, Baltimore Orioles....all of whom took their opening series.

Hard to believe, right?

Ah yes, the Orioles. I don't know what to make of the Birds, because this seems to be their M.O. year after year. Remember one of my first blog posts? The Os started hot and heavy last season only to have officially crashed and burned before the month of April was even over.

So, it's not surprising that a day after losing to Triple A club Norfolk Tides and two days after losing to the State College of Florida, Baltimore convincingly beat the Minnesota Twins 4-2, 8-2, and 3-1.

Catcher Matt Weiters and OF Adam Jones celebrating a run.
Cause that's just how they roll.

Granted, the Twins haven't been doing very well against the Os as of late, losing their last seven against the Birds. Still, Baltimore can point to a few key gems that may FINALLY make the difference for 2012.

One, all three starting pitchers went 7+ innings in their outings. The last time that happened? 2001, with Pat Hentgen, Sidney Ponson, and Jason Johnson all doing so.

Two, the 2011 roster addition J.J. Hardy looks to be a solid hitter for the line-up, complementing OFs Adam Jones and Nick Markakis. Hardy's solo homer in the first inning Sunday helped establish the early lead, allowing the defense to rally around pitcher Jason Hammels near no-hit effort.

And three, the Os have gone to the old "bird" logo, harkening back to the days when Baltimore know...good. The logo, which combines elements of the two used from 1966-1988, gives an almost Woody Woodpecker feel-good look.

In all seriousness, while the new "old" logo may not be a turning point, outstanding pitching and consistent hitting are what's going to propel the Os from their consistently sub .500 mire. 

And who knows...maybe they'll make it to the All-Star break this year before being mathematically eliminated. At least, a girl can always dream. 

Image provided by washingtonpost and the washingtonpost.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Odds Probably Aren't In Your Favor: Part 1

The following blog post does not reflect the (serious) views of the blogger. No athletes were harmed, maimed, or killed during its inception, nor does the blogger wish to do anything of those things for realz. 


Welcome to the 2 millionth Games of Hunger. In an effort to shake things up a bit, we've gathered the best and  brightest most talented  most popular athletes from six different districts to compete. Let's meet them, shall we?

Tom Brady is a superstar football player who is leaving behind a supermodel wife and two young children. Skills include: wearing Uggs, throwing a great pass down field, posing for photographs, and winning Super Bowls.

Diana Taurasi is a professional women's basketball player who has an NCAA title, a WNBA title, and an Olympic Gold Medal. Skills include: throwing balls into a hoop and overcoming DUIs.

Usain Bolt is the world's fastest man. Skills include: talking in a Jamaican accent and running really, really fast.

Allyson Felix is one of the world's fastest women. Skills include: posing for endorsements and beating everyone handily in a foot race.

Alex Honnold is big wall free solo climber who dropped out of UC Berkeley to pursue climbing up walls and mountains. Skills include: being able to scale really rocky terrain and being Mark Zuckerberg's body double.

Nastia Liukin is a world-class gymnast with an Olympic All-Around Gold and a kick-ass name. Skills include: flipping over multiple times, speaking Russian, and possibly dating other Olympic Gold Medalists.

Michael Phelps is the most gold-medal winning Olympian with a bad boy reputation. Skills include: being photographed in awkward situations, swimming, and self-medicating through "natural" substances.

Lindsey Vonn is a female alpine skier with a winning smile. Skills include: racing down mountains, making friends with competitors, and being pretty.

District 5's Mike Tyson is a former heavyweight boxer with a penchant for flesh. Skills include: biting off people's ears, wearing prison stripes, beating the crap out someone, and making movie cameos.

Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos is mixed martial artist and former Strikeforce Featherweight champion. Skills include: choking reporters, beating up American Gladiators, and looking scary.

and finally, our contestants from District 6....

Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player who isn't exactly known for his camaraderie. Skills include: paying alimony, scoring a lot of points, and pissing people off.

Serena Williams is a professional tennis player with a clothing line and multi-endorsement deals. Skills include:  hanging out with her sister, hitting small objects with a racquet, and making oreo commercials. 

These tributes are all talented and each have their own strengths, but who will come out on top? Tune in next week....same bat time, same bat channel. 


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