Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Slippery Slope

We're getting into the lazy, hazy days of summer....a time filled with baseball, pool parties, and beach excursions. Yet, elsewhere in the world, the sporting 4-1-1 is all about SNOW.

Yep, snow. Or slopestyle skiing and snowboarding, to be more exact.

I must admit, I've never heard of such a thing. My exposure to "action" sports is limited to the Olympics and an occasional glimpse of an X game event or two. So when the Winter Olympics reconvenes in 2014 in Sochi, Russia, my world is going to get a little bit bigger.

On Monday, the IOC voted to add slopestyle snowboarding to the roster of events at the next winter games (after already adding ski halfpipe in April).

From what I can gather, slopestyle is a lot like tricking it out in a skate park. Boarders and skiers perform stunts on rails, jumps, and other obstacles to earn style points.

How did this building get in the middle of the course????
 I can see why the IOC was so resistent in adding the sport as an official event. The Olympics are notorious for judging scandals, and any sport based on subjective scoring is just asking for trouble.

And that's why we'll tune in to watch. Well, that...and the fact that it's probably REALLY awesome.

Plus, any snowboarding freestyle sport where Shaun White fails to qualify for a finals is just begging for me to watch it. If White (the artist formerly known as the Flying Tomato) isn't the best, then I'm anxious to see who is.

So fellow sports fans....are you excited about the new sports that will be in the next Olympics? Did you even know the next winter games will be in Russia?

Let me know!

Image provided by snowboarding.transworld.


Anonymous said...

I am indeed excited about the new events in the winter olympics. Being a huge fan of snow, any activity that promotes its use gets my two thumbs up. And yes, slopestyle snowboarding is exactly like throwin down in a skate park, except with slightly less-painful failed attempts. Keep up the good bloggin! It's good to have an educated take on the sports world from time to time that isn't filled with redundancy and overdramatic anchors. I'm thinking about starting up my own blog of sorts, but the whole web-page thing is getting the best of me. Or perhaps I am just being too particular. Take care, and I'll be looking forward to the next post!

-Space Ghost

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