Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let the Controversy Begin!

Guys, the Olympics are just around the corner and already the drama is in high gear. No, a Russian judge hasn't gone rogue and started handing out threes for artistic merit, and a South Korean coach/official hasn't complained yet.

I'm talking about something much more ya'll.

Last week the USA Olympic team opening ceremony outfits were unveiled to the national public. American Designer and icon Ralph Lauren was pegged to create the ensembles, which are supposedly a throwback to the 1940s (30s? 20s? I don't know which one, but it's a low decade definitely).

Before I get into the real outcry, can we discuss the actual outfit for a sec? I love the blazers, the pleated skirts, the jaunty ascot-like scarf, and even the beret. But Ralph, seriously....what the heck is going on with the women's footwear???? Are they wearing orthopedic shoes? Saddle shoes and anklets? I mean, I kinda adore the high-heeled booties in the drawing, but the real life depiction....(shudder).

Anyhoo, it's possible these outfits won't even make it to the main stage in London due to the fact that they're not American-made. Yes, these lovely uniforms were harvested from China, causing uproars of epic proportions.

Ok, look...I get it. But honestly, chill out. Here's why having Chinese-crafted uniforms are actually perfect:

A) The Olympics are all about bringing nationalities together. Multicultural awareness and all that. What better way to do so then to outsource our products?

B) Is there really anything more American these days than something made in China? It's like tradition. It's free trade and cheaper labor and angels smiles all rolled into one.

So please, people. Save your hurt feelings for when it really counts, like when Lance Armstrong ultimately gets drug-tested for the 10 millionth time or the USA Men's basketball team does something stupid, like lose to Hungary.

And if you, like me, could care less about where the uniforms were made, you can get your own official gear.     Or you can let me know what you think about the Chinese-made clothes or just the outfit itself.

Otherwise, I'll see you in London in 9 days!

Image provided by instyle.


GiniB said...

First of all, the berets were just a bad idea. Are Americans known for their love of berets? No.

And I can't really believe that someone didn't think about the made in China thing before it was done.

Sports-o-Nista said...

Yeah, but apparently everyone loves a good beret? My mom totally rocks hers from when they wore them in the Winter Olympics. Personally I thought we could have gone with a jaunty panama hat or, better yet, a straw boater.

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