Friday, April 26, 2013

I Feel a Cold Draft

The NFL Draft....the event where a "nobody" from Central Michigan can be picked first, and a superstar QB can have his misery at not being taken documented for all the world to witness. Or as I like to call it, good times.
At least this guy is happy.

Last night's first round of the 2013 draft certainly had its shocking moments. Like, the fact that the first seven picks were all linemen, led off by OT Eric Fisher of Central Michigan. That set the pace for the night, with production players getting the sideline bench. Most notable was that only ONE QB was taken (EJ Manuel at #16 to the Buffalo Bills) and NO running backs were selected.

Last time that happened? 1963.

Of course, one lineman who didn't enjoy the share of the first round love was Manti Te'o- ND defensive linebacker once considered a Heisman hopeful (you know, until that whole National Championship and imaginary dead girlfriend debacle). Whether it was still a negative public perception or just a realization that maybe Te'o was slightly overrated, the former Fighting Irish is still on the board headed into Friday's second round.

Another big name still on the list? WVU QB and one-time top five (hell, top one even) projected draft pick Geno Smith. Smith had to endure a Brady Quinn-esque draft night yesterday, watching player after player take his "spot" on the podium. All the while being filmed looking dejected by camera crews and being mocked by draft specialists. Today's headlines questioned Geno's toughness and capability after it was rumored that he was leaving NYC . Turns out, not the case.

If Geno's night was tough, then perhaps Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib's was even tougher. Although not the top of the QB list, Nassib had an advantage that no one else did- his former coach is now the head honcho at the Buffalo Bills. Yet, Doug Marrone chose to break his Survivor alliance and go with Florida State Seminole EJ Manuel. Sorry, Nassib...the tribe has spoken.

Consequently, big names are still floating around on the board going into today's second round. Along with Te'o, Smith and Nassib, USC QB Matt Barkley is still available for the taking. As are Alabama RB Eddie Lacey, Florida State DE Cornelius Carradine, and Stanford TE Zach Ertz.


What was your feeling on the draft? What surprise snub or pick jumps out at you? Let me know! Meanwhile, I give you my favorite selection yesterday....Center Travis Frederick from Wisconsin taken by the Dallas Cowboys at #31. Or, as I will now refer to him, Paul Bunyan.

You're welcome.

Images provided by csmonitor and oaklandraidersdraftwatch.


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