Monday, May 16, 2011

Big (Leaguer) Boys Don't Cry.....

This past weekend I took a roadtrip to Roanoke, VA, and I must admit that sports were pretty far from my mind (except for the Salem Red Sox game we were going to attend but somehow didn't get around to doing). Apparently the sporting world didn't get the memo, though. Occasional Twitter checks and perusal of my ESPN app on my phone reminded me that unfortunately, the world does not revolve around me as much as I think it should/does/should.

So while I was in my own little cocoon, the NHL conference finals started, Chad Ochocinco sat on a bull for less than 2 seconds, and somebody beat somebody else in the NBA playoffs (seriously, is ANYONE going to give me a reason why I should care about this league? Anyone? No One?) But the one story that did happen to permeate through was the alleged temper tantrum thrown by NY Yankee catcher/DHer Jorge Posada.
No, I will NOT bat ninth. You can't make me....

I'm not a Yankees fan, but Posada has always seemed like a decent fellow. And I'm sure he is. For some reason, though, Jorge thought it would be a good idea to pull himself out of the batting line-up after being pushed down to the ninth spot (read....the loser spot). While the official story given by management was that Posada was having an off-night and needed a break, and Posada himself claiming a sore back, speculation has run rampant that the real cause fell closer to wounded pride.

Comparing it to having a "Scottie Pippen" moment, ESPN writer Andrew Marchand surmised that this will put a blemish on the All-Star's career, bluntly stating that Posada "quit on his club."

Wow...way harsh Tai. That's like the ultimate playground insult in the sporting world....saying someone quit on their team. But there's some truth to be had in the or not, hurt feelings or not, Posada is under contract to perform and help his team win. Actively refusing to do so is not only a professional breech, but a slap in the face to each and every teammate.

So a word to the wise for all you pro athletes out there....don't tuck your pants in your socks, don't try to fill out your uniform by medicinal methods, and for God's sake, just bat ninth.


In other news, I attended the MAC Coaches' Caravan in Inwood, WV this past Wednesday evening and had the pleasure of seeing former WVU football coach Don Nehlen, current head coach Bill Stewart, WVU AD Oliver Luck, women's head basketball coach Mike Carey, assistant men's basketball coach Billy Hahn, and former star athletes Greg Jones and Anthony Becht. I thank Anthony Becht for being gracious enough to take a picture with me, but regret not asking him to switch places so I could be photographed on my left side (it's my better side...just saying). Ergo, the picture turned out with me looking somewhat like a twelve year old by the former NFLer's side....ah well.


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