Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations on Getting Drafted....Now What???

Truth be told, I love football. A lot. College, Pro (no NBA-like feelings here), high school, pee-wee, you name it, I love it. But I'm not a back-office kind of girl (ironic, considering the two Sport Management degrees). I'm focused on the game in-season....otherwise, I've got other things to do with my life. Wait, why am I writing this blog again? the NFL Draft...well, I can take it or leave it.

But since I've already started writing this post on the NFL Draft, let's just pretend I'm in a "take it" mood. One thing I notice is that there is always that ONE player who thinks he's the "be all, end all" of college football and is either a) pissed that he didn't get drafted higher and holds out on signing (cough *Brady Quinn* cough) or b) is the top pick and holds out on signing (how's unemployment working out for ya, JaMarcus Russell?). In a league full of multi-millionaires, I get that these players want to make what they think they're worth, but play a game or two first before you start demanding a $50 million plus salary. Men like Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger, and yes, even the NFL's golden boy himself Tom Brady all rose through the ranks of obscurity to stardom through their talent, not their draft ranking.

This year, the NFL draft has come and gone, but it seems like the off-season drama will be bigger and better than ever. With the lockout back on (after being off, and on, and off), draftees can't be signed by their new teams. They just have to sit around on hold until the owners can claim them. Kind of like layaway. And those players out there who weren't "sexy" enough to be taken during the six rounds? They're pretty much out of luck, since free agency is more taboo right now than the Tea Party.

The thing I love most about professional sports is that they seem to persevere, no matter what. Hockey and baseball have both survived recent management/player negotiation stand-offs, and I have no doubt that football will do the same.

So fellow football junkies, what intrigues you most about this 2011 NFL draft? Do you think the lockout will end before the season starts? Do you think Roger Goodell ate a whole bunch of Snickers after people booed him (ala those great Not Going Anywhere for a While commercials)? Let me know!

Quick Shout-out to 2011's Mr. Irrelevant Cheta Ozougwu from Rice University. Carry on the title well sir!


Justin M. said...

My favorite 1st round pick came from the New Orlean Saints this year. And NO, I'm definitely not referring to Mark Ingram. Ingram will never have a TD over 40 yds in the NFL.

My favorite pick is Cameron Jordan, DE out of California. With the Falcons moving up to grab Julio Jones at WR, that is going to put a strain on the NO defense to stop Roddy White, Jones, Tony Gonzalez and Michael Turner. Plus, you have Carolina with Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart and maybe DeAngelo Williams, along with Tampa Bay who has Blount, Cadillac and young studs like Freeman and Williams.

Jordan is a guy that can step right in and use his athleticism to make a difference.

Meg said...

I agree, that is a good pick. However, my favorite first round pick might just be Patrick Peterson to the Cardinals. If only because I'd love to see him and Larry Fitzgerald go head-to-head in a McDonald's commercial.

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