Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who is John Beck?

I have three life long goals: own a pair of Christian Louboutins, attend the Kentucky Derby, and own the Washington Redskins.

Yes, the Redskins are one of my great passions in life. So far I've held off on blogging about them (mostly because it's the off-season), but partly because sometimes it hurts too much. Let's be real...they've not exactly been the cream of the NFL crop lately. I still cringe thinking about the Eagles game last know, the one where Michael Vick had a bazillion yards passing and rushing and the score was somewhere in the vicinity of 2 million to nothing by the half? (slight was 45-14).

And yet, it's like a crack addiction (or what I imagine that to be like....I don't know from personal experience, I swear dad!). It's terrible for you, but you need it in your life. That's pretty much the summation of my relationship with the Skins. They cause me such agony, but I always come back to them. No matter what.

Although this one had me reconsidering my loyalty and affection

So the fact that a Redskin story made the top headlines of today made me stop and pause. Huhhhhh??? Do my Scooby ears detect some positivity about my beloved team? Why yes, they do: it appears the Skins might have a new starting qb in John Beck (so says the player himself with kudos from head coach Mike Shanahan).
"I had a lot of confidence in John Beck when he came out in 2007," Shanahan said, according to The Washington Post. "I evaluate the quarterbacks every year, and I do have confidence in John Beck. He was by far my No. 1 guy. I think the world of him."
Well....yay? This sounds great, considering the Redskins failed to draft anyone at the qb position a few weeks ago, and 2010 starter Donovan McNabb looks to be on his way out. to be Donovan McNabb. Remember his glory days when his mama was telling us all to eat Campbell Soup?

Sidebar to my sidebar...if you google McNabb and Campbells Chunky soup, you will get disturbing footage of him yakking during a game. Um, gross.

Anyway, it looks as if John Beck might be the starter in 2011 (if there is a 2011 season, that is). One question though...Who is John Beck? (shout out to my Atlas Shrug peeps...holla!). I, for one, have never heard of the guy. Does this make me a bad Redskins fan? A bad NFL fan? A bad college football fan? I'm getting a complex thinking about it.

Beck, who played for Brigham Young University, was an O'Brien finalist, a Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award finalist, the Mountain West Conference 2006 Offensive Player of the Year, and the 40th overall draft pick in 2007 (thanks to wikipedia for filling me in). In fact, Shanahan, who apparently scouted Beck, touted him as the best quarterback in the draft that year....a draft that included number one overall selection JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and Kevin Kolb. I've already talked (unfavorably) about two of those guys already, and Kolb is the back-up at Philadelphia. Sooooo.....

Maybe Shanahan knew what he was talking about after all. Only time will tell, and there is a lot that can happen between now and September 11, when the Skins are scheduled to play the NY Giants. But for now, I'm all aboard the John Beck Mystery Machine. Hail Victory!

May the Force Be With You John Beck....

Photos provided by CBS Local Sports and Guys Nation.


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