Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rub Some Dirt On It

Being a professional athlete is probably one of the more physically grueling occupations. Especially as it compares to say, me, who sits at a desk all day typing at a computer.

Although, carpal tunnel syndrome is a very real and deadly serious problem. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

Unfortunately, talent and durability are two separate traits. While some athletes tend to endure through the years (ex. Iron Man Cal Ripken, Brett Favre, and Chris Chelios), others are prone to injury upon injury (ex. Grant Hill, Greg Oden, and Chad Pennington).

Case in point: Sid "The Kid" Crosby.

I have another owie.
On Saturday, Crosby was placed on the Injured Reserve list with "concussion-like" symptoms after being inactive since December 5th.

This marks the (what seems like) 10 millionth time Sidney has been injured since the 2007-08 season. In January of '08, a high ankle sprain caused Crosby to sit out of the All-Star game and miss an additional 29 games that season.

Last winter, Crosby suffered a devastating hit by the Washington Caps David Steckel. Four days later he sustained another hit, one that put him out of the line-up for the rest of the season.

Fast forward to 2011. Sidney didn't even re-enter the field of contact hockey until late November. Two weeks later, he was back out.

Let's be real: During healthy times, the Kid is unbelievable at what he does. A Stanley Cup winner, an Olympic Gold Medalist, a Hart Trophy winner (most valuable player), a Lester Pearson award winner (most outstanding player), an Art Ross award winner (leading scorer during a season), and the youngest person to ever captain an NHL squad.

And he's the ripe age of 24.

But that begs the question: If he's only 24, and he's already missing large chunks of playing time due to concussions, how long can he last in the sport?

My guess is not very long.

So Cal Ripken, rest easy. Your Iron Man title is safe....at least from the likes of Sidney Crosby.

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Anonymous said...

Sid is protecting his future in hockey by taking extra precautions
with concussion like symptoms. During Cal Ripken's career
concussions were an after thought.

Sports-O-Nista said...

In no way am I trying to cast Jay Cutler-esque aspersions onto Sidney's concussions. I'm merely concerned that being prone to injury will ultimately overshadow his talent.

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