Friday, September 16, 2011

No Place Like Home

You know what I love about Fun Fridays? I can do whatever I want.

Yes, I know it's my blog and I can do whatever I want all the time, but it's double-triple true on Fun Fridays.

So, I figured....what's more fun that basically putting NO effort into this post and making you, the reader, do all the work? Ummm, nothing!

Ergo, I've composed a little trivia quiz for you. It's like my own version of Sporcle, whose praises I've already sung. You think you know sports? How about sports venues? They say there's no place like home, so see if you can recognize some of the most famous stadiums, ball parks, and arenas in the country. Leave your answers in a comment, and I'll give a special shout out to whoever gets the most right next week.

Seriously, take the quiz. If nothing else, it will give you something to procrastinate during your Friday work day.

Ok? GO!!!!!

Think you can get all 21? Hit me up and let me know your guesses! (hint, some parks may not be around anymore)

Images provided by riveraveblues, andrewclem, wikimedia, horschgallery, ballparksofbaseball, 1.bp.blogspot, tennis-pronostics, ageorg12.files, 4.bp.blogspot, football.ballparks, nittanywhiteout, fightingirishgameday,, cdn0.sbnation, beussery, insidesocal, arizonatribe, cdn0.sbnation, football.ballparks, imjustsharing, and baseball-statistics.


kendall@thisisnotthatblog said...

I recognize Ohio Stadium. I also recognize that I know nothing about sports and I am way out of my league (worst pun ever) in this game...

Sports-O-Nista said...

Ha, well at least you humored me and attempted to take my quiz:-)

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