Friday, September 23, 2011

On the Road for Game Day....

So....I'm super excited that for the first time ever, ESPN's Game Day will be headed to my alma mater for the WVU/LSU matchup tomorrow night (8 pm on ABC, if anyone is interested).

I lurrrrrrrrrrveee me some Game Day. Kirk Herbstreit? Be still my heart! Lee Corso? Straigh up wack job, yet it's always fun to see who he's going to pick at the end (I'm guessing that, unfortunately, we'll see him don a Tiger head). And Chris Fowler is the sanity glue that holds them together.

Speaking of the Game day crew....did ya'll happen to catch this picture of America's sweetheart Erin Andrews donning a WVU uni? She's got taste, that one.

Yes, I know the pic might be fake or old. But it's still awesome.

I DO think she's a little biased ...I mean, we all remember the time she kissed Pat White during a post-game interview, right?

Anyhoo, in honor of Game Day being in Motown, I thought I'd take my love of college ball on the road as well. I'm guesting (for the first time ever) over at What She Said today. I'm thrilled that the very witty Kristin asked me to share my passion for football with her readers, though I hope that her VT fans won't hate too much on my WVU roots.

So go check out my post, and then be prepared to tune in to ESPN on Saturday at 10 am.

Cause...duh, it's Game Day!

Image provided by wemustignitethiscouch.


Kristin @ What She Said said...

OK, I think your post is backfiring on me a little bit, as one of my favorite blog friends just uttered the words, "Go Mountaineers!" in my comments section. ;)

Thanks for hanging out at my place today. I'll look for you on TV tomorrow!

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