Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Boys are Back...and so am I!

Happy post-Thanksgiving ya'll!

While I spent most of my holiday lounging in the sun and sand in Florida (or napping on the couch...you know, whatevs), I managed to take in a few sporting events. Namely, the two early NFL games on Thanksgiving and, most importantly, the Backyard Brawl between WVU and Pitt on Saturday night.

*Please insert here a semi-sincere apology to my family for the death glares I gave them if they got too close to the remote or even looked like they were contemplating changing the channel. Also? Accept my sincere thanks for locking the children out on the lanai for most of the night.*

Anyhoo, as I was flying home Saturday, something pretty big happened in the sports world. Yes, NBA fans....it finally happened. Early Saturday morning, a tentative deal was reached between players and owners to start the 2011 season on Christmas Day, thus ending the 149-day lockout.

While not released yet, team schedules will be sporting a new look. With 48 in-conference and 18 out-of-conference match-ups, a 66 game agenda is in the works. And in that new layout, teams are expected to play back-to-back-to-back games, including up through the 2nd round of the playoffs.

I hope the players were keeping in shape over in Europe or while they were bumming around for the last few months. I tend to think this is David Stern's idea of a gag gift....because we all know that exhaustion is the present that keeps on giving.

I'm guessing most fans aren't really interested in the terms laid out in the new CBA. As long as the season tips off, the deets are just semantics. For those of you who ARE interested, however, here's a quick summation:

The owners won.

Sure, the players were victorious on smaller issues such as minimum team salary and escrow. But in the big picture, 90% of the concessions went to the owners. You know, those same concessions that could have been made MONTHS ago.

I guess it just goes to show that stubborness gets you a lot in life...like unemployment.

So, while there's still some work left to do, such as reforming the union, getting players back from overseas, and approving the deal via a majority, it looks like Santa will be giving all the girls and boys a very-NBA Christmas.

Let's hope that it's not just a lump of coal waiting to happen.

Image provided by the-sport-report.


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