Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Prologue

Before my Friday Fun post tomorrow, I feel I must address the Joe Paterno/Penn State debacle going on right now. Not because I want to, but because a) I feel like you're probably expecting me to and b) I probably should.

I've read a few different op ed pieces on the matter, as well as followed the unending coverage, and I've reached the conclusion that I have no idea how I feel. Do I condemn Joe Pa or do I empathize with his decisions? To be honest, I'm not sure.

What I AM sure of is this, though. The way I see it, there are two victims in this situation. One, and most obvious, are the children that suffered the alleged abuse at the hands of Jerry Sandusky. The second group of victims, however, are the Penn State football players. These men have had nothing to do with the situation. No one took money, no one robbed a liquor store. Yet, pundits want to sentence them for a crime they didn't commit. Some are calling for a forfeiture of the rest of their season; others say that they should do the "right thing" and refuse a bowl bid.

To those individuals I ask....why? What has the team done to deserve punishment? It's as if someone's relative commits murder, and a jury sends the whole family to prison.

As the old adage warns, two wrongs don't make a right.


Suzi said...

Love it! Totally agree! I must add, I have been appalled at a few things that have happened since this story broke. 1.) WHY AREN'T THE NEWSCASTERS SAYING MORE ABOUT SANDUSKY (THE TRUE CRIMINAL) AND LESS ABOUT JOE PA?!SERIOUSLY? Yes, morally I think Joe should have done more, but legally Sandusky should have done much less! (allegedly) 2.) WHY DID McQ LEAVE THE CHILD WITH SANDUSKY WHEN HE WITNESSED WHAT HE CLAIMS TO HAVE WITNESSED? I would have ensured the child was removed from danger and then endangered Sandusky! I might be the 1st one going to jail, but my conscience would be clear!

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