Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Out of My Way (or I'll Buster Posey you)

At a family barbecue this past weekend, it came to my attention that perhaps I need to be more well-rounded in my blog topics.

"Is your blog just about football? WVU football?" asked one relative.

"Umm, no. You's hard...with NHL winding down...Orioles suck...I hate the NBA..." I stuttered.

"Oh, well how about writing on cycling? or curling?" asked another. (yes, curling...I don't know).

"Uhhhhh...." (It amazes me how articulate I can be sometimes).

This picture was captioned as "Curling brings out the worst in humanity"....Seriously? Who knew!!

Anyway, as I left that evening, I realized that I DO need to be more diverse in my subjects. If I was making a concerted effort, I could be bringing you soccer coverage, or perhaps a piece on the newly completed French Open. So, with a hung head, I make a solemn vow to you, my beloved blog readers, that I will try and apply my wit and astute observations to the multitude that is the sporting world.

But, today is not that day. Today you're getting baseball. Again. Deal with it! (I should also learn to be nicer to my readers. Do they do HR training for this sort of thing?)

I don't know how many of you have been following the debacle between SF Giant's catcher Buster Posey and Florida Marlins OF Scott Cousins, but this saga is getting bigger than Twilight ya'll. Cousins, who broke Posey's leg during a plate collision on May 25th, is facing wrath like no other. San Fran's GM Brian Sabean has been quoted as saying if Cousins "doesn't play another game in the Big Leagues, I think we'll all be happy." 

Perhaps not quite as harsh, but just as blaming, was 4 time Golden Glover Mike Matheny's comment, which stated that although Cousins didn't "technically" do something dirty, he was definitely "hunting" to take Posey out.

Yeah, that's gotta hurt

Ok, I'm against unnecessary violence, but you gotta feel for this poor kid (Cousins, not Posey. Although, I feel for Posey too. A lot of feeling going on here). He's a reserve player struggling to keep a roster spot in the Bigs, and I'm guessing he just went a little too wild on what he saw as a chance to score the winning run. The play is so chaotic (long throw to the plate, Posey looking for the ball, Cousins running full steam), that it seems a little unfair to judge what he was thinking at that moment.

And now Cousins is getting death threats. Ummm... really? Posey put himself in a situation that he knew could potentially result in injury. Cousins' play was legal in the context of the game. Bad things happen during sporting events. Can't we get a little forgiveness? Try a little tenderness?

Like Obama said, I have the audacity of hope. Here's hoping that Posey, although out for the rest of the season, will have a full recovery and come back stronger than ever next year. Here's hoping that Cousins will learn and live to play another game. And here's hoping someone FINALLY gave Brian Sabean his anti- grumpy pills.

So tell me what you think. Was Cousins ridin' dirty? Should Posey have been smart enough to not be out in front of the plate? Let me know!

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Make sure you tune in Wednesday when I tackle my nemesis the N...B...A. It's going to be epic. Or a complete disaster. Either way, should be a good read!


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