Friday, June 17, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me.....

Today for my Fun Friday post I asked myself: What's more fun than Twitter right now?

Clearly Nothing. At least in my life. (Yes, I know. That's sad.)

So anyway, I have decided to review the sports week through hilarious tweets that I've stumbled across. Or hunted for diligently. Whatevs.

Hope you find the following as amusing as I did!


 Which is why the NHL is way better. Except for that whole rioting thing. That's not cool.

Some people just have to be the first at EVERYTHING. Also, Haters gonna Hate.

Hmm, somebody got a raw deal in here somewhere

No, seriously.....does it??

Because let's face it....short jokes never go out of style

The Happening still gives me nightmares. The acting in it, I mean.

You know DeShawn Stevenson has got the alcohol covered!


Optimism writes its own jokes

Sorry, Tim Thomas is too busy drinking out of the Stanley Cup and shining his Conn Smythe trophy to stop a riot.

Well, that's just mean


And I hadn't slept with half the women in North America

Amateurism....going pro since 1869

Nothing wrong with wanting to nap....nothing.

and finally....

Because that would be the most AWESOME.THING.EVER to see in Morgantown. And I've seen some pretty awesome things.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Father's Day! I'm hitting up a Washington Wild Things game tomorrow, so look for an blog post appearance on it next week!

Image provided by howtotweak.


Kristin @ What She Said said...

These made me laugh. Especially the one about Nickelback. I'm glad you're having fun with Twitter. I share a love-hate relationship with it.

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