Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jagr Bomb

Over the past couple weeks or so, I've been hearing rumblings and grumblings about the possible return to the NHL by one Mr. Jaromir Jagr.

Jagr, who has spent the last three seasons playing in Russia's KHL (not to be confused with the KGB....`cause that would just be scary), has shown a great interest in getting back to his roots....namely with the team that launched his career- the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Can you imagine if this is what Jagr's agent was sending to NHL reps? He could play on any team, any position.

 While Jagr showed he still has talent (read: Vancouver Olympics circa 2010), we can't ignore the ginormous Czech-ered Elephant in the room:

The man is freaking Methuselah.

Ok, so 39 isn't that old in human years. But in hockey years, it's ancient. Or approaching ancient anyway.

When your hairdo has almost two decades on your former team's best player, it's probably time to give it up. Just saying.

History has not been kind to aging stars looking to make a comeback in the NHL. Just this past February, the great Peter Forsberg announced his return to the big ice stage. Forsberg's stint with the Colorado Avs had reporters touting him as hockey's Brett Favre.

Forsberg played exactly TWO games before announcing he was giving it up. Again.

And Forsberg was only 37.

Even if Jagr can get past the age issue, there's a little matter of his surly attitude and off-ice shenaningans to worry about. Is it really worth it to the Pens, Red Wings, or some other team to shell out precious payroll dollars on a guy who may or may not just be an aging headcase that once had a great career?

I'm gonna go with no. ( Then again, I may be a little biased because let's face it...Jagr didn't exactly burn up the ice while playing for my beloved Caps.)

But I'll say this....whether he brings back a blast from the NHL past and rocks it out... or bombs horribly....Jaromir Jagr will definitely have all eyes on him.

Especially the KGB's, `cause apparently they're still watching.

So hockey fans, what's the deal? Should Jagr stage a comeback? If yes, do you think he'll last longer than 2 games? Hit me up and let me know!

Images provided by (top to bottom)  penguinslegends.blogspot, ukraineblogg, and penguinslegends.blogspot.


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